Can marijuana decrease your sperm count

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Does smoking weed lower your sperm count? We get this question, a lot. In short, possibly. The scientific jury is still out since there just hasn't been enough.

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Feb 7, - A new study investigates how marijuana smoking can affect the quality of sperm. Sperm count in males of reproductive age more than halved. Dec 24, - A new study conducted at Duke University Medical Center has found that regular marijuana use is associated with changes in the genetic.

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Dec 19, - Men Who Smoke Pot May Have Lower Sperm Count these changes in sperm quantity and quality could affect the fertilization process and the. Feb 11, - Weed was kryptonite for healthy sperm; don't partake in one if you want the other. There was no significant difference in sperm count between men who said they used to smoke pot and men who Until then, it's your sperm.

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Feb 5, - A history of smoking cannabis has unexpectedly been linked to greater fertility in men. The result came as a big surprise to scientists measuring. Feb 6, - Chavarro and his team set out to study the possible effects of pot smoking on male reproduction by observing men enrolled at the.