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Reddit 15 People Reveal Their Most Cringeworthy Bikini Wax Horror Stories When I was in beauty college, I had an obese woman come in for a Brazilian.

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May 15, - My worst experience was a full Brazilian wax on an extremely obese woman. I was relatively new to the field and lacked the experience to deal. Mar 27, - I got my first Brazilian wax ever at age I know, I'm so late to the party on this. Who waits until age 40 to get a Brazilian? Well, until then, I.

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Aug 17, - 21 Embarrassing Bikini Wax Stories That'll Make You Cringe. Don't try this The woman doing my Brazilian wax was a very old Russian lady. Feb 18, - These 15 Bikini Wax Horror Stories Will Make You Squirm "When I got to my first Brazilian wax appointment, I was super nervous, but.

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May 20, - "I'd gone to the same esthetician for years for my Brazilian wax and never had an issue. Fast forward to my friend graduating from cosmetology. May 14, - My worst experience was a full Brazilian wax on an extremely obese woman. I have a story from a client of mine, about a previous Waxers of Reddit, what was the most uncomfortable or.

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Feb 15, - You just never know what you're going to be faced with when a client de-robes and jumps up onto the bed for their wax. I'm a beautician in an. Apr 11, - See 9 waxing horror stories you wouldn't believe. If you're going for a bikini or Brazilian, it can be quite intimate and revealing. Something.

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Jun 2, - Well, just read these stories to see all the different ways a wax can go wrong. “Last time I got a Brazilian, she handily forgot my butt. The next. Nov 28, - Watch. Shop. More. Story from Hot Fuzz I use a really good wax which is fairly painless, and people like that. How many Older ladies, maybe 30+, like a bit of hair – most get a thin strip on their Brazilian. And then the odd.