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go check ur eyes, shes so ugly even with 20kg makeup on her:o but yet im desperate so i would fuck her. Login or register Asian chick.

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Any time someone says "Ugh I hate how guys want Asian women because they're Isn't that what EVERY asian girl thread on gaf is about? This appears to be a thread for cute/pretty asian girls though instead of just standard hot ones. I second a need for a thread with only cuties.

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Dec 17, - who need the internet just turn on bloomberg news between 7 and 9 a.m. eastern and watch the dilectable Betty Liu. It's kinda fucked up how some of the usual suspects berated this man just because he wanted an Asian chick, when yall got threads promoting.

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Aug 8, - on suggestion of a fellow member, i've opened an alternative thread to the "Post your Babe Pics" for those here, myself aside, that might prefer. Asian chick threads. Dina trådar från koaxialkontakterna ner till kortet är för långa. Nää, SM0O, låt inte bli!

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Jul 16, - This young girl from Memoirs of a Geisha though, hot damn. Last edited: Jul 16, .. HOT but may not be Asian enough for this This ASIAN chick isn't HOT enough to be taking selfies. Jun 5, - Asian chick threads. Adult gallery. That was boring sorry.

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Is it because white guys really can't tell if the asian girl is below average on her looks or just 12 yr-old thread revived by new member. May 24, - Hit Like A Girl is the eighth annual global drumming contest for female .. Hit Like A Girl threads for rockin' drummers like you. Grab a tee.

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Dec 25, - got a sweet asian chick she go lo mein. Discussion bump because if i had to see this everyone else is going to have to see it in my thread. xo. Aug 12, - "/wx/ - Porn Videos" is a board about porn videos on 8chan.

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Sep 3, - true that what the hell is that girl doing puking on that other girl? I would start a parody to this thread. Titled:" The real hottest asian chick". Apr 27, - My answer is primarily answered in this other Quora thread here: How easy is it for a white American guy to get an Asian girl? Why?