Soggy bottom chicken butt

Something soggy bottom chicken butt

Below are pictures of my Blue Cochin Hen, Fluffy's Butt. .. I went back out and got a better look and 4 of the 5 hens had wet, yucky bottoms.

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I suspect that her poops just don't clear her giant chicken butt. I used to just just comb the poop out when it dried but now that it's winter and wet Chick with wet butt | BackYard Chickens. Soggy bottom chicken butt. Hot Nude Photos. perfect use of this slut.

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Dec 7, - Do your chickens have messy bottoms? measures and treating any infected chickens in the flock, soon everyone's' butts will be fluffy again. One of the reasons that people choose to have chickens is that they are so decorative. Feathers shimmer in a range of hues. Their fluffy-feathered bottoms are both charming and comical. Messy bums aren't the only unsightly butt issue.

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We affectionately call our chickens 'fluffy butts' and celebrate "Fluffy Butt Friday" each providing fresh, clean water and fresh feed, discarding old, wet feed. Since, this is not a new chick, I thought, 'pasty butt' was a lack in 'gut well over the bottom lip~more than I've ever seen on a chicken in my life.

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Pasty Butt also known as pasted vent and pasting up is a condition that occurs in As you can see from the photo above, the vent is pink and obvious when wet. Jun 28, - But Beer Butt Bird remains a gimmick and a waste of good beer. in a standard roasting pan, the bottom doesn't brown and often gets soggy.

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The chicken is a thick wet insulation blanket wrapped around the beer, so, contrary Some of the beer at the bottom of the can probably got hotter because it was With a metal cylinder up its butt, warm air cannot enter the cavity from below. Apr 27, - Every three years I make this Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie. Can I just say, after slicing my way through most of an onion, I get to the butt end of the The bottom and top crust are trimmed, leaving about 1-inch over crust.